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Anyone Interested In Booking A Tattoo Party?

Go visit the site, add it as a friend:

Here's the bulletin:

Right now I'm looking primarily for feedback.
A buddy of mine that Inks wants to do Tattoo parties with me.
We're located in Troy, NY

The concept is simple, You get a bunch of people together, we come over, I show my designs and you either pick one, or have me sketch one, then he inks you.
Minimum cost per Tat will be $50.00, and that depends on the Tat.
Whoever throws the party pays $50.00 to bring us there, but that includes a small tat (Further tats can be purchased or a larger one can be purchased and they pay the difference).
It'll be something like a Tupperware Party, but you won't deny having gone the next day.

Get back to me with thoughts, questions, or even let me know if you want to book one.
If this seems to be popular, we'll start doing them in the next couple of weeks.

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