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Calling All Redheads!!!!!!!!!!!!

(after reading main body, read below for criteria)

Okay, after my minor shindig last night, Tyrone and I are talking, he has decided he's giving up redheads.
Redheads have been his weakness for a long time.
They are his self-proclaimed Kryptonite.
He also believes they only get him into trouble.
So, of course, being the good friend I am, I want to have a get together with as many redheads as possible.
Any cute redheaded female gets to drink for free!
let me know


1) Red hair, God's Gift or from a bottle, either way it's yours

2) Cute; send pics or a link to pics of yourself

3) Over 21, ID will be requested

4) Single or swinger (but w/o significant other present, unless S/O is female)

5) Straight or Bi

6) Must be able to display a modicum of self control (nudity, partial or full is actually okay, I'm just referring to noise level)

7) Must live near Troy NY and have own transportation

If you meet these requirements, Message me. I will only be bringing a set number of individuals in to drink as it is outdoors around a fire and volume will be an issue.
If you'd like to come and you are chosen you can also bring 1 female friend who will also drink free.

The little party will be a week from this Saturday.
I'll let people know by this Friday so they can make the appropriate arrangements.
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