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Multi-Family Yard Sale, Vendors Needed

Hi everyone.  I'm looking to have a multi-family (or multi-person) yard sale on Saturday June 4th from 9 am to 3 pm.  Right now I'm looking for interested vendors.  I have a decent amount of front, back, and side yard space for tables, and I am on a corner lot.  I won't be charging a fee for space rental.  Just bring your own tables.  I will have a grill going that day, so if you want, you can also bring your own food and refreshments and feel free to use the grill.  I already have six interested parties.  I feel that with a decent number of vendors we will all do well.  I'll take care of the majority of the advertising.  You can feel free to advertise on your own blogs, communities, and/or web pages as well.

Anyone interested should send me an e-mail at with your name, contact info, and (if possible) an idea of the items you'll be selling and how many tables you'll need.

I'm looking forward to a large turnout

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